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That took way longer than it should have because I had to retroactively watermark everything how wonderful
ASTRA - Tah by DeltaIota-Digamma
6/11; Semmecel

- The top half of the Semmecel's body secretes massive amounts of thick goo. Similar in composition to mucus, the goo varies greatly in color and scent among individuals. It's much less sticky than it looks, as despite its strong cohesive properties, it is not very adhesive.

- Though most species traditionally base gender on genitalia, the system equivalent to gender in Semmecel is instead based on the color of their goo. Dysphoria around genitalia is no less common than in other species, but it is considered entirely unrelated to their genders. Semmecel with red, orange, or yellow goo are more likely to have penises while those with green, blue, or purple goo are more likely to have vulvas, but neither of these are absolute. Semmecel with rare colors such as brown or gray, which cannot be classified under the six defined colors, face similar issues to intersex individuals of other species.
- Rieperre, the home planet of the Semmecel, is sometimes considered an antithesis to Fizhiri. Where the foul odor of the Mephitido's oil permeates the entirety of Fizhiri, the air of Rieperre is likewise constantly filled with the sweet smell of the Semmecel's goo.
- Most Rieperran food produces a gargalic tickle response on the mucous membranes of non-native species. The chemical responsible must be artificially removed for anyone other than a Semmecel to be able to eat it without becoming violently sick.

This is Tah. He likes bowties. He saw a bowtie once and fell in love immediately. He's a chef but he still likes bowties.
ASTRA - Kyrtomat by DeltaIota-Digamma
ASTRA - Kyrtomat
5/11: Ragimss

- The Ragimss is a single entity comprised of two organisms born from the same egg. The winged top half, the Majora, and the legged bottom half, the Minora, fit neatly together, but can be detached from one another. When combined, nerves in the Majora’s tail and the Minora’s crown effectively connect and allow the two to share sensation and thought. The Majora is considered the dominant half, both for it’s speech capability and because the Minora is dependent upon it for nutrition; however, the Minora does possess its own cognition on the same level as the Majora.
- Observers will notice a drastic shift in the Majora’s personality when it is separated from the Minora. This is because, when connected, the two halves’ personalities meld together along with their cognitive function; could the Minora speak, the change in its own personality would also be more apparent.
- The Ragimss (specifically the Majora) have the strongest sense of smell out of the known sapient species and are inherently skilled at scent tracking. Their antennae are so sensitive that they usually have to be rolled up or otherwise compressed to avoid sensory overload.
- The surface of their home planet, Terriento, is a vast desert. All life on the planet is centered in a vast underground network of wide caves lit with bioluminescent flora. The vast quantity of plants on the ceiling create the illusion of a cloudless pink sky. In something of a contrast to its generally dull landscape, the planet is well known for its consistently thriving and worldwide art scene; from film to painting to music, Terrientoic art tends to be held in high regard all across the interstellar community.
- In the dominant language family on Terriento, consonants considered “hard” (ie. equivalents for b, d, g, v, z) are written simply as two of their “soft” counterparts (ie. p, t, k, f, s, respectively). As such, the name “Ragimss” could also be transliterated as “Ragimz,” “Rakkimz,” or “Rakkimss.”

Kyrtomat is Martin's best friend and a chill dude. His Majora is really lazy and has no attention span, which is balanced out by his workaholic Minora.
ASTRA - Martin by DeltaIota-Digamma
ASTRA - Martin
Human characters are boring but you gotta have them here's the boring coffee addict guy who gives great advice on life on the blue planet
As I was typing in assorted characters on dA to find some cool fanart, I searched for "Derek Stiles."
I was expecting to find art of the prestigious young surgeon from several games in ATLUS's Trauma series.
Instead I got Teen Wolf yaoi.
Be careful what you search for.


United States
My entire life is nothing but a featureless amalgamation of doodles and puns.

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